IVORY - Classic White Long Sleve Bikini - White
Introducing our classic white swimsuit, perfect for any occasion. This ensemble features a full-sleeve mesh top paired with a ribbed bikini bottom, blending sexiness with sophistication. Designed with surfers in mind for tropical destinations like the Maldives, Goa, and Sri...
₹ 6,900.00
Raven - Classic Black High Waist Bikini - Black
Introducing our timeless black swimsuit. Combining classic elegance with modern comfort, it features long sleeves and a high-waisted bottom for a vintage-inspired look. Mesh panels ensure breathability and ease of movement, while the sweetheart neckline adds a touch of sophistication....
₹ 6,900.00
STORM - Jacquard White on Black One piece Swimsuit - Jacquered black & white print
Introducing ‘Storm’ - a timeless black and white one-piece swimsuit. This marks our debut in jacquard design. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this swimsuit is built for performance, allowing you to seamlessly transition from poolside lounging to swimming laps. With sleek...
₹ 7,100.00
MUSTANG - Cobalt Red Side Cut One Piece Swimsuit - Cobalt Red Print
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our swimsuit features broad straps adorned with gold hoops, adding a touch of luxury reminiscent of the Mustang's opulent interiors. The stylish side cut allows for customizable tying options, finished with a chic bow...
₹ 7,100.00
Skylark - High waist steel blue Bikini - Steel Blue Print
Introducing our high waist steel blue bikini, a tribute to the timeless elegance of the Buick Skylark.This bikini captures the essence of automotive luxury with its textured leather-inspired fabric in a rich steel blue hue. Designed for both style and...
₹ 6,900.00
Viper - Green Ruched One Piece Swimsuit - Jade green print
A snake print pattern is the Goya signature. This sleek one piece features a jade green snake pattern print. It is ruched at the center to contour your body and provide gentle shaping. It comes with broad removable straps for...
₹ 7,100.00
Departing from the conventional tropes of summer fashion, we at Goya have crafted a collection that challenges the status quo. In a landscape saturated with floral prints and vibrant hues, we've embraced the timeless elegance of classic whites and blacks. We didn't shy away from adding a touch of color. Drawing inspiration from the most iconic cars of our generation—think Ford Mustang Envy Green and the Buick Skylark.Picture the rich, luxurious interiors, the supple feel of polished leather—the essence of indulgence and refinement translated into swimwear. We admit that it’s not an easy aesthetic to pin down, and it’s more of a mood. Our goal with the "Anti-Summer" is to create swimsuits that will remain staples in your wardrobe well into 2034.
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